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I am a web developer with several years of experience creating and maintaining sites for media (a public TV/radio station and a weekly newspaper in Philadelphia), as well as for academic and non-profit organizations. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia (2005, Cum Laude). I also hold an Associate degree in Business Administration from Peirce College (2000) and a certificate in computer programming.

I was born in Spain and raised in Venezuela. I moved to Philadelphia in 1996, to complete my education and build a career in electronic media. Before entering the field of web design, I worked as a trainer in computer literacy and after-school programs for the Free Library of Philadelphia and Americorps. My bilingual skills (English/Spanish) and multicultural background proved extremely useful while I participated in those programs. Before coming to the United States I was production manager at my father's printing company, and before that a computer programmer for a couple of importer companies in Venezuela.

My immediate professional goal is to work in projects that allow me to apply my knowledge of web development and enrich my portfolio. In the long run, I would like to make a career in an organization where I can not only unleash my creative potential and technical skills, but also take advantage of my cultural and educational background to advance projects with an educational or social component that make qualitative differences in people's life.

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